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Why Blood Work is Critical

Just like in humans, blood work for your pet is extremely important! It is a strong diagnostic tool that allows the doctor to see what is going on inside! Everything from seeing microscopic parasites, heartworms to cancer or kidney failure is found in routine bloodwork.

Your pet can't tell you why he or she is not eating or where it hurts and often blood work will tell the doctor the problem to address the problem quickly.

The doctor can measure electrolytes such as potassium, assess the function of internal organs and identify levels of circulating enzymes.

The list is long as to the importance and results that can be determined with blood work. Some of the common tests include:

*Electrolytes - Sodium, Potassium and Chloride and their balance are critical to your pets' health. Abnormal levels can be life threatening.

For additional information or feel you need to have your dog examined, give us a call!.

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