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Cherokee Animal Clinic...

Committed to total veterinary health care for large or small animals.

From your hamster to your horse - cats and dogs, cattle, sheep, or hogs, we are here to assist in prevention, treatment, dentistry, artificial insemination, boarding, grooming, flea control, and more. Our patients also include all breeds of bird, Alpacas, Llamas, and many exotic animals.

Our veterinary surgery and hospital are exceptional and we have facilities for your horses, cattle or other livestock that may need to stay overnight. And our boarding services at the 'Holcomb Hilton' go above and beyond!

Come on in! Meet our staff and see the many services we can offer you!

Dr. Prachyl Dr. Holcomb
Dr. Will Prachyl Dr. Anthony Holcomb

A Healthy Pet is a Happy Pet!

And a healthy pet will save money over time with a regular Wellness Exam. WHY? Think of it as 'preventive medicine'. By having a wellness exam, you may catch a problem early on and have it treated before it develops into a major expense to you or major treatment procedures on your pet.

The doctors at Cherokee Animal Clinic will perform a thorough examination and run tests for dental disease, weight issues, ear/skin infections, dry eye, heart murmurs, skin tumors, cataracts, painful joints, flea & tick, internal parasites such as tapeworm infestations and heartworms. Many of these have the potential to cause severe discomfort and sometimes fatal disease in your pet. Some diseases are also potentially zoonotic (transmitted to people).

Your pet may not need all the available tests as their age and overall health will help determine that. Depending on the results of the basic wellness exam, other tests that may be recommended include:

  1. Complete blood count (checks for infection/anemia)
  2. Chemistry panel (organ/electrolyte evaluation)
  3. Urinalysis
  4. Thyroid screening
  5. FELV/FIV screen (cats)

You can rest assured, we will look for any problems and discuss IF any changes are needed in the diet, lifestyle, medications or vaccinations and assist you in the best on-going care and prevention of disease for your pet!

Are you considering adopting a new pet? Check those out in homeless shelters. They need good homes and you can help save one of the four million plus cats and dogs that are euthanized every year!

REMEMBER - the Holcomb Hilton fills up FAST!!

Pamper your pets in our excellent boarding facilities. Your pet's
"Home Away From Home"!

Be sure to make your reservations early!

Monday thru Friday
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