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Cherokee Animal Clinic...

Committed to total veterinary health care for large or small animals.

From your hamster to your horse - cats and dogs, cattle, sheep, or hogs, we are here to assist in prevention, treatment, dentistry, artificial insemination, boarding, grooming, flea control, and more. Our patients also include all breeds of bird, Alpacas, Llamas, and many exotic animals.

Our veterinary surgery and hospital are exceptional and we have facilities for your horses, cattle or other livestock that may need to stay overnight. And our boarding services at the 'Holcomb Hilton' go above and beyond!

Come on in! Meet our staff and see the many services we can offer you!

Dr. Prachyl Dr. Holcomb
Dr. Will Prachyl Dr. Anthony Holcomb

September is Senior Pet Wellness Month!
Pets are living longer than ever thanks to advances in health care and better nutrition. Like us, there are certain changes in lifestyle that will making the aging process easier on your pet. They are subject to arthritis and other ailments that go along with getting older. A good diet formulated especially for the older pet, excercise and regular vet screenings are important for a comfortable and healthy longevity. Find out how old your pet REALLY is and learn about
Caring for the Senior Pet

Make an appointment with us for a regular exam and recommendations on the best
way to help your pet live long and well!

Remember how cute they were when you adopted that special kitten or puppy earlier this year? Those sweet bundles of fur brought so much joy to your life!

But now you're seeing that kitten acting strange. She's rolling around and making strange noises or if its a Tom, he's prowling and going off to who knows where. They're growing up and getting to that age where they "think" it's time to find a mate! That means it's time for YOU to "think" about having your pet spayed or neutered.

Did you know only about 1 in 12 kittens and 1 in 6 pups find a new home. Do you know just how many of those precious bundles of fur have to be put down each year? Do you know that spaying can actually benefit your pet? Read more about it at To Spay or Not to Spay - What is Your Excuse? and give us a call!

WHOA!! Fall is just around the corner and it's time to get your horses (mules & donkeys too!) ready for winter with your de-worming program. This is the time you need to get after those bots and tapeworms by alternating your usual de-wormer with one that contains Praziquantel in it. This is especially critical after the first frost. We have seen too many horses die from having so many worms, they impacted beyond what could be done to help. Prevention is cheap! Go to our Equine Parasites page to learn more.

AND - we have the West Nile Virus vaccine injections for your horses! Be safe and vaccinate your horse!

REMEMBER - the Holcomb Hilton fills up FAST!!

Pamper your pets in our excellent boarding facilities. Your pet's
"Home Away From Home"!

Be sure to make your reservations early!

Monday thru Friday
Make an appointment to bring your pet!
Read more of what is included 'head to paw'
on the Grooming page.


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