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Colic is one of the most common occurrences of treatment in horses. The word "colic" is almost a generic word as it is more of a symptom of some other problem than a disease.

We have listed below some of the more common explanations and causes of colic to improve your program for your horse(s). If you have any questions or need further information, give us a call!

Causes of Colic
These are just a sample of the most common causes of colic:

Types of Colic

Symptoms of Colic

Any colic should be treated seriously as the average horse owner will not be able to tell which of the above types of colic their horse has. The amount of ent pain is not always a good indicator of how serious things are. If your horse shows any signs of abdominal pain you should immediately call our office.

Preventing Colic

Good management can go a long way to preventing colic. Learn your horse's vital signs and be observant of anything out of the ordinary. The sooner we can treat the symptoms, the easier it is on the horse!

Contact our office to set up a feeding and vaccination program for your equine family!

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