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To Spay or Not to Spay - What is Your Excuse?

If You Believe your pet should breed, Read This!!!!



"The surgery will hurt her"

This is untrue. Modern anesthesia makes surgery painless. Recovery, particularly in a young animal, is total and rapid.

"I'll let her have one litter before I spay her"

All this will do is increase the already HUGE number of animals being destroyed each day. I truth, spaying helps to prevent certain medical problems. Spaying a dog before it's first heat reduces the likelihood of breast tumors 200 times. Spaying before it's second heat reduces tumor likelihood 12 times. Also, a sterilized pet has less desire to roam, and is inclined to be more gentle and affectionate.

"I can't afford to have my pet spayed"

Spaying is less expensive than producing litters. A dog can produce 2 litters a year. A cat can produce 3 litters a year. You must buy more food for a pregnant animal and for the offspring. You may also have extra veterinary bills.

"I'll find homes for all my pet's litters"

Terrific, but what will your litters do? They, too will produce offspring and on and on and on..... Every pet you produce prevents another from finding a home.

"My children should see nature's miracle of birth"

Then your children should experience the reality of death. One out of six puppies will be fortunate enough to find a home. Only one out of 12 kittens will be placed in a home. The rest must be put to sleep, or are abandoned... or an even worse fate. There must certainly be better ways to educate your children.

A big thank you for this article from the Anderson County Humane Society!

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