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Small Animal Veterinary Care

Whatever your favorite pet, we've put together some helpful information below to provide the best in your pet's health. Scroll down to see the vaccination schedule and why we give them along with other helpful information for you and your pet! If you're favorite pet is any other than a cat or dog, give us a call and we'll help you with their needs - including those exotic birds!

Let's face it. Pets do get lost! We can help with the HomeAgain® microchip implant. Read more at Micro chipping Your Pet. And even more information can be found at Home Again.

Help your pet heal faster! We offer Laser Therapy to promote healing!


You've adopted that "purr-fect" kitten and the first order is to keep her that way. We're listing a schedule to help you help her live a long and healthy life for many years of loving companionship! For new kittens, we recommend:

Did you know...??
Cats are naturally protected from canine parvovirus even if directly exposed to the virus. The feline form of parvovirus is commonly known as feline distemper. Just as cats can't catch parvovirus, dogs can catch feline distemper!


He's a bundle of joy - warm and lavishing you with kisses!! This most loyal friend will give you many years of happiness and in return, you'll give him the very best in medical care and prevention! For new puppies, we recommend:

  • 2 weeks - Deworming
  • 4 weeks - Deworming
  • 6 weeks - First Visit to the Doctor
    • Exam - Critical!
      Get a complete tip of the nose to tip of the tail examination! We can detect early heart problems, genetic defects, hernias, defective knee caps or hips, and more! Dr. Anthony can get a baseline for any changes down the road!
    • Canine Parvo
    • Canine Distemper
    • Nail Trim
    • Deworming
    • Begin Flea Prevention
    • Begin Heartworm Prevention
  • 10 weeks - Same as above but add the Bordetalla (Kennel Cough) vaccine. Puppies are especially susceptible to this.
  • 14-16 weekes - Add the Rabies Vaccine
  • 6 months - Spay or Neuter
  • 1 year and every year thereafter - Canine annual - Exam and vaccine boosters plus Heartworm test - Free nail trims and deworming.


We all know how important Heartworm prevention is to your pet. Let us make it easier!

ProHeart 6 and ProHeart 12 is an injectable heartworm disease preventative. It's the only heartworm product that provides six or 12 months of continuous protection against heartworm disease with a single veterinary-administered dose.
With a unique mode of action (MOA), ProHeart 6 or ProHeart 12 provides sustained concentrations enabling compliance.

· You can't forget to administer monthly doses.
· The only sustained-release heartworm disease preventative that eliminates concerns about compliance for six or 12 months at a time

Contact our clinic for to make your appointment!

***AND, don't forget that dental check.
Teeth cleaning is also a regular part of maintaining good health!!
Look at our article on Dental Health & Oral Disease.

Protect your pet in the winter time - Winter Awareness Tips

You know when you adopt a pet, you create a bond that lasts a lifetime. Cherokee Animal Cinic strives to support that bond. We take it seriously! After all, you've made a friend and a family member through adoption.

Find more information regarding your pet's well being on our Pet Health Page.

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