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Dental Health & Oral Disease In Your Pet

"Muffin" arrived at the animal clinic for her annual exam expecting a vaccination and a clean bill of health. What the doctor found was a painful, progressive disease that could develop into a serious illness.

Muffin was suffering from serious gum disease. Oral diseases often go undectected in both dogs and cats. The preliminary results for a recently conducted study of veterinary clinics across the country shows that oral disease is the NUMBER ONE diagnosed health problem of dogs and cats visiting veterinary hospitals.

Dental disease is a problem that many pet owners unknowingly overlook. A simple 3 step program can keep pets' mouths healthier.

Studies show that 80% of dogs and 70% of cats show signs of gum disease by age three. If left untreated, gum disease can lead to serious systemic diseases. There is no need for this to happen because most dental diseases can be controlled or even eliminated with proper treatment by veterinarians and home care by pet owners.

The American Veterinary Medical Assocation recommends the following 3 step plan to help prevent pet dental disease.

Good, preventive oral care is an important part of the care you give to your pet. Time spent on preventive care will help keep your pet healthier, and it strengthns the human-animal bond.

Following a simple, preventive care plan will help pets avoid the health risks and discomforts of dental diseases.

For additional information or feel you need to have a dental exam scheduled, give us a call!.

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