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Cherokee Animal Clinic
P O Box 416
665 Johnson Street
Rusk, TX 75785
Clinic Hours:
Monday - Friday 7:30 am - 5:30 pm

The Clinic

Treatment Room
The Treatment Room.
A large work area with all medications, etc. easily within reach.
Treatment Room
Another wall of the Treatment Room
Treatment Room
The Treatment Room also opens up into each of our exam rooms. Animals who are critically ill, trauma, or labor patients who need constant watching will be here.
The lab where we run all those tests.
X-Rays to check for those broken bones.
Scales and a table that raises up for our larger fur babies.
The Surgery
The Surgery - State of The Art! Dr. Anthony has placed a window in the surgery suite so that the attending surgery staff will be able to keep an eye on the sick or recovering patients in the treatment/lab area.

The Kennels
The Holcomb Hilton - The kennel has 15 dog runs - all inside - complete with air conditioning and heat! They are inside the building and cleaning will be a breeze. Runs can be hosed from underneath, with water running into 2 troughs connected to a flush valve at the end. The walking area is outside and fenced for added protection and safety of our patients. AND the cats have their own room!

Isolation Room
The Isolation Room - just for sick patients who have contagious problems. Our new isolation room is designed for critically ill patients. Dr. Anthony has special Parvo kennels, oxygen, telephone access to the front desk, sink for washing infectious materials, and IV equipment in there. We will be able to take the very best care of these patients who require hospitalization and be confident we won't infect pets who are boarding, etc.

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