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Working Cows
Vaccinating Cows

All vaccinations listed below are recommended for the East Texas area.
***NOTE: Haemophilus Somnus, Pinkeye, E.coli, Rota, & Corona vaccinations
are a "risk based" vaccination and not listed below as routine care.
Please consult one of our veterinarians before giving.***

  • January
    • Give Protaglandin (Lutalyse or Bovilene) to synchronize heifer breeding. Fertility exam breeding bulls.
    • Vaccinate cows & heifers prior to spring breeding & bulls w/ Vibrio-L 5, IBR, BVD, PI3, BRSV.
    • De-worm herd (ivomec, dectomax, synanthic, panacur, etc.)
    • Observe heifers 3x/day for calving. Assist 1-2 hrs after water breaks. Observe cows 2x day for calving. Assist 30 min after water breaks. Observe colostrum intake w/I 6 hrs of birth. (Colostrum dose-2 qts every 6-8 hrs in 1st 24 hrs)
    • Heifers supplement 1-1 to gain 1/2#/day. Feed to reach critical minimum weight by 14 mos of age(breeding critical weight is 75% of mature weight)
    • Develop master plan. Establish yearly goals (i.e. 95% calf crop w/ 92% weaning - averaging 590# & up). Prepare budget. Plan improvements for herd, pasture, working pens, fences, etc.
  • February
    • Treat for lice as needed, start fly control.
    • Spray herbicide
  • March
    • Expose heifers to bulls (1 bull to 20-25 head)
    • **NOTE: Retainment of early breeding heifers will increase the overall reproduction performance for your herd in years to come.***
    • Medicine to keep on hand: Colostrix, re-sorb, fluid feeder, oral E.Coli vaccine (if scours outbreak). Autopsy any unexplained deaths/losses.
    • Prostaglandin prior to breeding. Breed heifers 30 days prior to cow herd. Breed heifers for 60 days (use calving ease bulls). De-worm & vaccinate as described above.
    • Soil test, fertilize pastures & hay meadows. Spray to control weeds. Drag manure & fire ants.
  • April
    • Expose cow herd to bulls (1 bull to 20-25 head)
    • Individual identification-ear tag to maintain production records. Record birthweight.
  • May
    • Remove bulls from heifers
    • Vaccinate calves w/ IBR, BVD, PI3, Syncytial (booster in 3 weeks), Blackleg 7-way (initially between 2-4 mos. - repeat after 6 mo.)
    • De-worm calves 2 mos of age and up.
    • Prepare & arrange hay inventory. Allow 750-1000# per head per month of forage. Analyze hay & forage.
    • Integrated Resource Management: Consult w/ vets for herd health recommendations (as needed). Consult w/ nutritionist for supplementation advice (as needed). Consult w/ exam service for pasture improvement (as needed)
  • June
    • Re-treat as needed for fly control (500 fly count per head is cost-effective for treatment)
    • De-horn, castrate bulls, de-worm & vaccinate calves. Implant steers & heifers - 45 days old
  • July
    • Palpate heifers/cull open (open & late breeding heifers will remain slow breeders)
    • Remove bulls from cow herd.
    • De-worm herd (ivomec, dectomax, etc.)
    • Palpate and sell open heifers
    • Drag manure & fire ants
  • August
    • Identify by lab test any scour problems
  • September
    • Palpate cows-cull open. Evaluate nutrition, pasture etc.
    • Individual weights of calves at weaning. Record on dams production records
    • Marketing: Direct sales, auction, contract, retained ownership, etc
  • October
    • Submit aborted fetus, placenta, serum for testing.
    • Vaccinate cows & heifers prior to fall breeding w/ Vibrio-L 5, IBR, BVD, PI3, BRSV
    • Treat for lice as needed
    • Wean heifers @ 6 mos: Vaccinate for brucellosis, IBR, BVD, PI3, Syncytial, Pasturella One-Shot, & Blackleg 7-way. De-worm, weigh, dehorn (as needed), remove extra-teats, brand, tattoo, & ear tag for individual identification
    • Plant winter pasture (oats, ryegrass, etc.). Over seed (15-20#/acre). Control brush. Drag manure & fire ants
  • November
    • Remove fly tags to prevent over wintering of flies (dust, spray, pour-ons, etc.)
  • December
    • Vaccinate weaned calves w/ brucellosis, IBR, BVD, PI3, Syncytial, Blackleg 7-way, & Pasturella One-Shot
    • Retain 10-20% more heifers than needed-cull later on early early pregnancy and/or open status
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