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Cherokee Animal Clinic
P O Box 416
665 Johnson Street
Rusk, TX 75785
Clinic Hours:
Monday - Friday 7:30 am - 5:30 pm

Holcomb Hilton warmly offers top home-away-from-home care.

All pets must have current Rabies and Kennel Cough (Bordetella) vaccines in their passport. If they have received these at another clinic - please bring copies. If not, all pets will be given these vaccines upon arrival. This is for the protection of staff, other pets as well as protection for your pet.

All pets will be accomodated with warm, dry and snuggly blankets during their stay. Evening blankie turn down and treat on the pillow will be provided. Dogs are walked and turned out several times daily in fenced area for running and jumping. Cats have their own room with quiet away from partying pups. When it's quiet and pets are healthy, they are allowed to roam the cat room for exercise.

Fresh water is given at all times. Bowls are checked constantly and spilled or low level water is replaced immediately. If water is spilled and bed is wet, pets are moved to a dry suite.

Please keep at home: beds, blankies, toys, treats, and pacifiers, we have all of these and it's much easier to keep up with ours. We don't want your goodies to get misplaced.

Please feel free to bring your own food. We feed Hill's Science Diet, but if you have a preference on dining meals, please feel free, we will make sure Fido and Fluffy get their flapjacks and fruit just the way they like it.

For more information and reservation form to submit on-line, go to our Boarding Form Page!

Bring your pet to join in the fun!

Chris, The Cruise Director's Yearly Boarding Fun Calendar!

Field trip to the movies - popcorn and water provided
Valentine exchange - make sure to bring enough for everyone
St. Patty's "greenie" party (they make them for cats too now)
Easter egg hunt and visit from the Easter Bunny - please keep licking to a minimum
Flower pot decorating - paws will be completely cleaned before going home
P.J. party with 50's barking music - bring extra pillows
4th of July parade - everyone dress up w/red, blue and white. Uncle Sam hats will be available
Pool party - no swimsuits required. Water wings will be available for those who don't swim well
Back to school story time. Bring your favorite book. There will be readings from James Harriot
Yalloween Trick-or-Treating for dead bones and fish skeletons. Wear your spookiest costume
Thanksgiving dinner menu:
Baked turkey (low fat) with homemade Gravy Train gravy
Greenie broccoli casserole - Sardine flavor for cats
Pupperoni rolls
Jerky pie
Pilgrim hats will be available
Elephant gift exchange, take turns participating in Manger scene and reading of The Night
Before Christmas.
Biggest Santa hat contest.

And one more special note
During the holiday season, we fill up FAST!
This includes Easter, the 4th of July, Thanksgiving, and Christmas.
Please be sure to call early for reservations.

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